The Lover’s redressal

An answer to the poem – Throw Me away!!!

I can feel your misery in my pain

I know my support is all in vain

Yet, I will stand right here and be your wall

You can lean on me, or forget it all

Throw me away, you say

your command I shall obey

I shall never hinder what you seek

but I have my own promises to keep

Wander across the cosmic dust

dive into the vastness with a strong thrust

wither yourself to gain back all

Do not worry about the fall

once you are quenched, will you see

what you seek isn’t in the galaxy

it isn’t inside you, nor somewhere else

it is right in front of you, in my strong headed self

I am the soul you seek to unite

I am the VIBGYOR that will paint you bright

come closer my love, listen to my heart

here is the vacuum that will make your heart beat

let go of your fears and let me in

you will know who I am, if only you could re-begin

Throw yourself to me my love

for here lies your peace

throw yourself to me, my darling

for, this is where you are complete

4 Replies to “The Lover’s redressal”

  1. Love your page! Amazingly written ?❤?

    1. Thank you so much Miguel!!!!! Means a lot to me. ?

  2. Off course… Love is all we need…

    Beautiful… ???

    1. Totally!! Thanks for reading ANkit

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