“The Sun” – A Short Poem

Someone asked me today if exposure to Sun ever made me irritated because it did trouble them. First I felt like rattling off names of my favorite Sun tan lotion, but my heart pushed me over to say this “No, I am in too much love with the Sun, so I accept that he can burn us with his heat but I can and have let him roast me a number of times while I wandered in the Hills, The Jungle, The city and the Beaches”.

That reminded me of this short poem I wrote for a very dear friend Chanchal, who shares my extreme love for the Life line of our System – The SUN.

Am colored in his aura at dawn and dusk,

For every breath of my life, his existence is must,
He burns himself and gives me light
If ever I can, I will hold him tight!
I will tell him that I love him more each day,
Though, he won’t understand but love me his way
I will melt in his heat and still won’t turn
For all his greatness, for just being The Sun!!

5 Replies to ““The Sun” – A Short Poem”

  1. I love this poem 🙂

  2. Rakesh Rohilla says: Reply

    Such a beautiful poem Aparna. DO write more, Keep Shining

  3. You know you have expressed so very beautifully my own feeling about the sun! You have given words to my emotion and for that I thank you!

  4. Nice… ☺

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