Why We Created our Gods!

Yes, it is a very controversial statement and I know I can be killed for killing the general wisdom; God created us, how dare I think we created them!! But before you jump your Guns and declare me an evil product of the modern ethos, hear me out. And, this is just my view; there is absolutely no intention to superimpose an idea against anyone’s beliefs.
I believe there is a creator who carved this world and is watching us advance in material, while we deteriorate in spirit. But, the Gods we worship today; I am not sure if they are our real creators or just manifestations of our definition of power.  I believe that when Human species started to evolve and form a civilization, the concept of God would have been created to unite the Human community by a single purpose, so people don’t stray, can develop camaraderie and hence, live peacefully. This would need the concept to be based on power, power to impact in case of non-adherence and power to provide, when worshiped. And probably this theory of cause and effect is easily comprehensible by Human mind. This concept would have enthralled everyone because of the enigma it created by sheer belief that someone was powerful enough to run their lives without being physically present around.
Gradually, as we spread across territories and developed individuality, we would have found different identities for ourselves and hence, started defining the Gods differently, not by his nature but by our nature and behavior, even clothing. Still, I would believe there was nothing wrong in it because when it comes to the paranormal energy that drives us each day, the theory is simple: TO EACH HIS OWN, you have your own God and I have mine. No Problem! So, where did it all go wrong – The point where the concept of God lost its purpose – instead of uniting us, it divided us!
The problem with Human Kind is that when we attach ourselves to anything, we develop a deep urge to own it, too. So, we not only attached the Gods with our identities and idiosyncrasies, we started owning them.  Once, we owned them, we ought to make them more powerful than others’ gods and this never ending loop of superiority demonstrations lead us to where we are today. We relate to each other more by the Gods we believe in and in turn forget who we really are, that there is only one identity to us; of being Humans, and to our Gods; of being that strong, pure positive energy that can kill the evil in us. Instead, we have chosen to kill each, for those Gods, we created. Just say “In the name of God” and all your deeds will get justified, automatically.
I don’t contest the existence of that supreme force that drives us through the adventures of life; call it God, energy or invisible power, whatever. Just that I don’t find it in places of worship, where rich men pay more to see the Gods and get exclusive blessings!!!
If only we could find our real Gods, who live deep within us, in our conscience, in our positivities, outlook, kindness and selflessness. If only we could realize that just being Human is enough – If only…

9 Replies to “Why We Created our Gods!”

  1. thoughtful Aparna Sundararajan… really as the name of your blog is.. full of Tathya..

  2. Thank you so much Navtej:)

  3. Completely with you on this. Cheers! Lucky

  4. Oh, Thanks a ton Lucky. Glad you read it:)

  5. Wonder if you have read Terry Pratchet’s Disk world series…. some of your ideas match the ones he has expressed, of course in his wickedly humorous way!

    1. Not Yet Shilpi, but I will surely do. Thank you for all your great comments. 🙂

  6. Impressive writing. subject is very ‘najuk’. In my opinion ‘kan kan Mein Bhgwan ‘ means nature is God…..our highly support system.To encash this emotion a wide bussiness is flourishing..in the name of God .

  7. Tu kab samjhega insaan… Tujhme he to base hain Ram, Rahim aur teenon brahmaand…. Bas karam karta ja…khud dhoond lenge tujhe tujhme he Bhagwaan…
    Very good Aparna.. I am impressed… ?

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