So….How’s Life?

Writing a post after a really long time, but what do I do, I was busy…busy trying to solve a problem, which never was a problem; LIFE. Yes, that’s a late realization, but an important one. I thought, I needed to sort my life, give it a direction, a meaning and make it worthwhile. I thought of all the big Questions: What did I want to become? A writer, a traveler, a social worker? or just a better researcher? What is the purpose of my existence, where should I take my life? Should I gain spiritual knowledge? Yes, all big questions and mullings. I thought and planned and thought and planned and did a few things; but still life seemed too far, let alone getting any sense of direction or meaning. The higher my urge for a meaning of life, the lower was my morale and strength. WHY?
And then one day, sitting on a park bench; basking in sun’s warmth, surrounded by bright coloured flowers, little children playing with their dogs and all the beauty around; I found my answer, I found LIFE. I realised that in all my efforts to sort life, I forgot to do the most basic; the most important thing; “To LIVE”. I forgot that Life never demanded me to do big things, but to live every small moment. It did not need sorting. It just needed me to accept its complexities and appreciate the beauty of its solutions, no matter how weird they are.
It did not need me to make it perfect, it only needed a belief that it was Perfect!
Life is always sorted; we just fill it with Big things and forget our small share of joys. We don’t need to create mega events; we just need to believe that every single moment and achievement is big enough. We don’t need to do anything special to make our lives meaningful; we just need to find meaning in those small frames of time that collectively make up the Album called LIFE.
I hope you are not doing the same mistake, I hope you are not missing out on Life. J

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  1. I hope we all remember this every single moment of our life time.. 🙂

  2. Yes, sometimes we forget the basics. There's no harm in going back and improving the basics all again. Liked the line "It (life) did not need me to make it perfect, it only needed a belief that it was Perfect!" Nice!! 🙂

  3. Thanks Manny and Bedsy 🙂

  4. Balakumar Ravichandran says: Reply

    A heartening read 🙂
    I share your thoughts.

  5. Mindfulness in a nutshell 🙂

  6. Ur finding is v.true n important

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