The New Moon

It is midnight and I am sitting in my balcony, where a gentle breeze is caressing my hair and the night has fallen in the lap of silence. While I look at the buildings near and far, the yellow lights, the shadows of surroundings and the stillness of the moment, my eyes catch gaze of something in the night Sky. The Big White New Moon gleaming with Sun rays. So exquisitely white that even its craters could not tarnish its purity.
A deep sigh of relief passes through me. All the thoughts of day at work, disturbances in life, an unknown tomorrow, just vanished when I saw the brightness of this beautiful natural satellite of ours. All commotion settled, tranquility prevailed and I did not know why I smiled. I am at Peace, WOW!!! But why? What did the Moon do? I could feel warmth in its appearance, proximity in its distance, a deep connection in its non-human existence. I think the very reason is this universe, the fact that we both are a part of this magnificent system, connects us with energy, so powerful, that it negates the need of words for a conversation. Right now, I can feel this energy in my eyes, which are stuck at the Moon, making it aware of its beauty, intimating it that “you have another admirer”, and thanking it for restoring my sanity & patience, for being so eloquent and for Being There, Being VISIBLE.  Meanwhile, my mind tries to capture the Moon’s light, its aura, as much as it can, so that it can treat me with the visuals, in my most tiresome times. I haven’t felt so serene in a long time. The last time was when I was in front of the Himalayas.
This just reinforces my belief in the ingenious of the creator of this universe, who would have made numerous ways in which the parts of this system could connect with each other, irrespective of living or non-living, but I guess we have  long forgotten this system, the NATURE, the originals….But this is what is true. Whenever you are disturbed, you just need to look at something that is not man-made and you will find peace and calmness. Even five minutes with the Naturals will give you so much peace that you would feel there is no need for liquor to get a high, to forget your worries. Try it next time…
My 15 minute trance with the Moon is interrupted by something and I realize that I need to sleep now or else I will miss the rise of yet another splendid creation “THE SUN”. So I am off to sleep now. Good Night!!!

11 Replies to “The New Moon”

  1. I really loved the way the articulation of your thoughts has come along. Something spontaneous and real, and moreover it came out so beautifully when there were some turmoils inside. One of the best and beautiful blogs I've ever read. Hope you'll continue the good work.

  2. Hey. I totally agree with your thoughts… "to look at something that is not man-made and you will find peace and calmness." i always do this and always feel the same u do… keep exploring. keep writing. 🙂

  3. Thank u so much Zets…

  4. Hey Api… it was long due…i must say.. this is the best blog entry so far…you have added a 4th dimension to the very existence of moon or for any other celestial object in the space… its true that whenever we look at the sky and its vast sheet that spreads beyond our imagination….our very own set of problems & existence look so tiny…that it feels good to be lost in the beauty of space…
    keep writing such stuff…Cheers!!

  5. Wow very well said. We all are so engrossed in this mad race (I actually wonder what r we all running after?) that we have forgotten the gift given by Mother Nature.

  6. wow..i liked it n i loved it too..i liked it the way u hav expressed ur thoughts n i loved it cos i feel like peace is coming to me..finally m in peace..keep writing n keep sharing..

  7. Whenever you write spontaneously it always turns out well. well written Ammu!

  8. Lovely! I was completely immersed. It's so very true…

    Good one Appy 🙂

  9. WOW!!! Thanks a ton Navs, Avi, Vidya Di, Valey…Ramesham…thanks all you guys..for this encouragement. Am so glad that you all liked it…Avi, am glad you finding peace..:) may it remain that way dude

  10. This is amazing Appy.. It feels so beautiful to be able to admire something/someone (what do I call it/him now) so prominent like moon in our lives. To relate with it and build a bond like this defines you. Yes you do it each day with living and non-living existences. Stay bonded with universe and continue to share your experiences.

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