The Quality Conscious – Not for us

Quality – our Mission

Quality is core to the success of our company. We want to provide quality services to our clients. We are committed to quality; whether for our clients or for our employees. These are some of the mission statements made by the upcoming corporate firms in India. But, but, but when it comes to quality of work life for employees, the word Quality starts fading from the ruthless ears of the top management. Quality work-life, almost becomes an oxymoron. Its bitter, because it’s true, that each of us is appraised on the basis of the perfection with which we work in office, but when it comes to the services an organization ought to provide us, laxity conquers.

QUALITY – What is it? The cafeteria food which is worse than the food in a hostel Mess or the free of cost transport (one of the highlights used to lure potential candidates) which includes travel in rickety buses and rude drivers with rash driving skills as their forte, or the bus route which is deliberately planned to make an hour journey into two? And don’t even try talking to the management about it, because this is too small a matter for them to handle. Try going to the middle-management and you will hear only one thing – its imposed from the top. Where will you go? Your manager? Forget it. He would just say that these things are too petty for you to consider. Just concentrate on the quality of work you deliver and how the quality can be improved, you know our client has become more finicky on quality these days….blah blah blah….here baby.take the QUALITY CAPSULE yet again.

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  1. I think this girl has the fair understanding of the darker side of corporate world. Its the world which is ignited by flashy faces & phrases by some of the people whom we address as so called pioneers. The article has been beautifully crafted and with lucid language.

  2. Needless to say that, but you really managed to express the gory side of life in a brilliant manner. Its a great achievement to live life on ur own terms and at the end of the day easily look urself in the mirror ‘eye-to-eye’. Thats what matters in this world.. Kudos to you appie..cheers!

  3. quality is only for the customer dear not for u.this is the unwritten contract u sign as u happily go home with the new job on hand. wish to share a incident – My FIL was undergoing a chemo sessions and i had taken an off to go with him. the manager had a word for me the next day” he is ur father -in -law not ur father, so go easy on the leaves beta!”
    so tells you what you as employee mean to them!!

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