Corporate Hypocrisy

Here goes my first post about something that has annoyed me the most in my career, CORPORATE HYPOCRISY.
I could and would never be able to understand how people change their philosophies, ideologies, thoughts and eventually themselves to become what they hate the most. I have come across people who would initially disgrace the “Boss”the most, but later would love to go on dates with him. Such was the case with two colleagues of mine at my previous firm. They would always hate the “Boss”; take oaths to be good managers, rattle-off verses of wisdom. And then I see them hanging out with the same boss, who was supposedly nasty and cruel at some point in time . The next appraisal cycle comes, and bingo, they get promoted and become the same nasty cruel boss. Change is the only constant, I know, but I guess there is a fine line between change and hypocrisy. The latter being applicable to people who change their thoughts for their convenience. The day, I joined the corporate world; I came to learn that hypocrisy was the name of the game. You are not allowed to be honest. In every town-hall, you would hear the newly promoted managers say: “I have learnt a lot in this company”. I wonder what learning meant for them. Was it about learning how to fake, how to be nasty to subordinates and slaves to bosses, how to make a normal deadline a challenging one so that subordinates can stretch and the managers get the appraisal? If that is what learning is meant to be, then I am glad I never took my lessons!!

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  1. Very true. Not only in corporate world, people in general happen to be self deceptive. And their SO called Believes and Behaviors get battered away with their expediency.

  2. Ha ha ha.. Am more interested in knowing the two colleagues in your previous organisation..
    Its part of game.. as the number of people increase in a company, feeling of competition and rise ASAP creeps in much faster.. and so the so called “hypocrisy”.
    Well my sense is.. if it becomes really impossible to survive in ur organisation because of this, better go for next job.. and hopefully u may end up at a better place..

  3. Going to next job wont help Amit because the industry comprises of same of set of individuals, who keep hopping jobs. Which is why you may find your previous boss joining your new organisation. Again you find your self in the midst of a conspiracy.

  4. i have not learnt the lesson too, dearie 🙂
    keep your spirit indomitable and we’ll change the world some day 🙂

  5. very true.. each word that u wrote.. n i hv never been the part of the corporate.. that means its not just there its everywhere ..n u just cant get rid of it..

    so b urself.. n enjoy.. u cannot change anyone but u can b urself..

  6. It is one’s own decision to see if the glass in ur hand is half empty or half full. In corporate culture one has to find his or her own way to drive professional life forward.
    Pressure in a job is created at all times to bring the best out a person. the case of “conspiracy” may exist in organisations where the paradigm is to continue the famous “crab story”(if u don’t know,tell me, i can tell u about it!). So learn to get over the idea of being hypocritical, coz it just sends u into a deeper shell!!

  7. Its not about me getting my way to sucess in cporporate. I anyways will secceed with my talents. I dont need to follow the hypocritical “**** lickers” for it. Hypocrisy is Hypocrisy…no excuses please!!!

  8. Hypocrisy has become a integral part of our character these days…the survival of the fittest syndrome is the catalyst and then who wants to be labelled a ‘loser’?? But then we actually are losers – if we give up our ‘good being’ to catch up on the limelight and pose as ‘stars’. Little do we realise that stars don’t have their own light…

  9. Hats off to you girl!! You chose the most difficult path that the corporate world hid from you. Don’t change the view to lose yourself infront of a bunch of wannabes…

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